Art Academy of Cincinnati

In partnership with the board at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, Sunny Blu is proud to support the premier art students in the tri-state by serving our full menu in the AAC Commons at 1212 Jackson St. in Over-The-Rhine. 

Sunny Blu

The inspiration for Sunny Blu's name comes from Eric's grandfather and Priscilla's father. Walter Lee (Sonny) Chancellor, Sr. would say "a great cup of coffee, good music and love are key ingredients to being a cornerstone in the family." 

Camp Washington

The owners of Sunny Blu Coffeehouse are striving to become a cornerstone within the community by delivering high-quality coffee to our customers and providing each customer with a "Sunny" experience. SBC is committed to partnering with "The Camp" to build the neighborhood, supporting business networking and establish a meeting place for the community. 

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